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For Legal Practitioners

BRC Advisors, Net Lease Group presents its credentials to the legal community, many of whom we have completed transactions on behalf of mutual clients to meet client's objectives. The real estate market has evolved and matured with the assistance of legal practitioners and real estate advisors often collaborating for the client's benefit. We often coordinate and strategize with attorneys to craft a successful transaction which combines our market intelligence, and negotiating skills with cogent legal input that serves as a seamless process that often secures the result for a client in a competitive market environment and without such "legal choreography" the property would have been acquired by another skillful group of real estate/legal practitioners who had the ability to execute a client's deal -making strategy more effectively.

Luckily we learn from experiences and do our collective best not to repeat them. I trust that we have all had such events in our careers...learning these profound lessons is the key for future success in our experience. Learning to work with other professionals to effectuate optimum results for clients allows us to out-perform the markets... but, not without he help and guidance of a seasoned legal team. We welcome the opportunity to produce such results for your real estate and tax clients.

This net lease niche of the real estate investment industry presents a risk-averse alternative for investors, many of whom are transitioning from management-intensive investments, like apartment buildings to a relative 'coupon clipping' option with predictable income streams and no management operations like their other real estate assets.

  • IRC 1031 provisions allow a taxpayer/investor to defer their gain and preserve their wealth. In choosing a net leased asset as a sound and conservative investment, a taxpayer/investor has a predictable income stream from tenants are effectively financed on their creditworthiness; as well as, the real estate intrinsic of more speculative investments. This is an important consideration in our changing real estate landscape.

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