Tenant Services

In order to attract and retain quality retail tenants for our landlords and investor-owners, we need to have access to the best tenants. In order to secure 'the best tenants', we need to translate client's strategic marketing plans into viable and affordable location decisions. We have established a commanding market presence in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Brentwood whose retail corridors house the market makers and many legendary retailers, whether fabled European women's fashion houses on Rodeo Drive or trendy design innovators on Melrose Avenue. We develop highly customized search programs that meet their needs to compete most effectively in an international retailer marketplace.

Landlord Services

We have assembled a group of specialists who understand the market dynamics and the investment requirements of our demanding client base of institutional and entrepreneurial owners. We strive, on a daily basis, to maintain our proven track record of reliability and professionalism which mirrors the quality of our headquarters location in Beverly Hills. While we may earn fees 'one transaction at a time', our professional focus goes beyond a single transaction because we strongly believe and our experience verifies that "one client for today is a partnership for tomorrow".

We treat each and every client with the attention-to-detail, dignity and respect for their objectives which allows us to complete complex deals, where both parties can acknowledge the fullest benefit of our efforts. Both the client and BRC are well served by our core values of integrity, teamwork and innovation.

Specialty Retail

We are afforded a special role in our niche markets and have developed strategies that meet the sometimes unique requirements of investors, international retailers and other space users. We can provide advisory or transaction services to re-position a retail asset to meet changing market conditions with a dynamic marketing or leasing program or assist a retailer with a multi-location, national market penetration strategy which maximizes the branding resources and economic resources for our client's specific target markets.

These special projects afford us the opportunity to outperform the market conditions and are a source of great professional pride upon completion. These assignments are often multi-year assignments which grow out of our ability to develop and sustain relationships with both landlords and tenants as part of the way that we choose to do business. Both clients benefit from our proven results; we, at BRC Advisors, benefit by cultivating successful long term, multi-location relationships.

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