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Apartment assets have become an important component of many investors' real estate portfolios and have been our core business from the beginning. BRC Advisors has assembled one of the region's most capable and aggressive teams of multi-family specialists who have consistently met client's objectives whether acquiring new assets or re-positioning owned assets for successful marketing assignments.

We have served as trusted advisors to our growing client base in Southern California but also provide multi-family investment consultation and transaction services to a national real estate investment marketplace. Our approach is straightforward and simple. We cultivate relationships which serve our client's investment interests, not just for today but for the recurring business that evolves quite naturally when you exceed client's expectations under increasingly challenging and changing market conditions.

Our advisors monitor their sub-markets and communicate on a daily basis with colleagues and competitors in order to have access to the best market intelligence to assist our client's investment decisions. We take 'the long-term view' in evaluating what strategies will produce the results that our client base demands. We help them maximize revenues and minimize risks as we navigate the investment waters which are rarely calm and pacific.

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