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Investment Sales

BRC Advisors provides real estate investment advisory and transaction services to a national group of clients. Our distinguished professionals specialize in multi-family, office, industrial and net leasing opportunities. These advantages – strengths that reflect our accumulated decades of expertise and success – are part of the collaborative approach we apply in all circumstances: we fully analyze each investment, and then customize a solution for a client. This brand of insight and proven wisdom allows BRC Advisors to execute investment objectives in any market environment.


Net Lease Group

BRC Advisors, Net Lease Group has been funded as the next phase of James Huang’s vision for BRC Advisors to provide exceptional real estate services which achieve the long term investment objectives of our client base.

Many of our clients are Southern California-based multi-family investors who are diversifying and transitioning to NNN leased assets as part of a programmed strategy for their real estate holdings.

1031 Exchange

BRC Advisors, Net Lease Group provides net lease advisory services for IRC 1031 exchange clients and other risk-averse Investors. Our proprietary 67,000+ NNN investment property data base, combined market intelligence and deal-making relationships, affords our clients a “BRC Market Edge.” We serve multi-family investors and taxpayers who may wish to defer their substantial capital gain liability by utilizing IRC 1031 exchange provisions. We specialize in credit tenant net leased assets which we view a “fungible commodities” to provide solutions for 1031 Exchanges; partnership basis solutions and foreclosure strategies in an increasingly volatile investment market. These assets afford an investor a stable, secure, predictable source of a return on their equity to diversify their portfolios from higher yield, more risky investment vehicles. A credit tenant assets with fixed-rate, long term debt and an investment grade tenant, in place, is more like buying a bond equivalent than a more speculative real estate investment. Many of our clients report that they have never slept better in their lives.

Portfolio Advisory

BRC Advisors believes transparency and independent analysis are at the center of any successful business relationship. In the commercial real estate industry, where credibility is essential and wisdom a necessity, we employ a long-term outlook to every client’s portfolio. We review each investment objective, based on the quality of the asset itself and its suitability within a client’s portfolio. For example: market conditions and performance are vital criteria – standards we closely observe – which determine the success. More to the point, we actively advise our clients, giving them the necessary perspective to update, reposition or reconsider any and all investment decisions.

Our approach combines intricate analysis with the proverbial “big picture,” a union that our clients respect and one that produces consistency in a variety of market conditions. By these standards, BRC Advisors earns its leadership as an innovative firm committed to excellence.


BRC Advisors Leasing Group is a leader throughout Los Angeles in general and Beverly Hills in particular. Led by Houman Mahboubi, who has an impressive number of leasing transactions in one of the nation’s most competitive real estate markets, we craft solutions for both tenant clients and landlords in prime locations with maximum sources of income. It is this emphasis on analysis, statistical industry data and international trends, which highlights the success of BRC Advisors Leasing Group.


With its extensive knowledge of the capital markets and its valued relationships with financial institutions, BRC Advisors has the international influence necessary to handle the successful acquisition of real estate assets. Our understanding of changing market conditions – and the challenges and opportunities these circumstances present – enables us to customize effective client solutions.

Probate Specialist

BRC Advisors Certified Probate Specialists can help reduce the stress associated with property in probate. We can help you handle the management, maintenance & disposition of the following types of real estate assets: Single Family Homes, Multi-Family income properties, Retail/Shopping centers, Industrial & commercial properties, Land & businesses. Our experience and understanding of the Probate process will help ensure that you receive the fair market value for the assets involved.

We can also arrange for proper supervision & management of the property/business, inspect the leases, taxes & mortgages of the real estate, assess the status of the existing tenants, appear in court for confirmation of the sale & work with you and all other parties involved in order to make the process as stress less as possible. The BRC Advisors Certified Probate Team is dedicated to helping your family preserve value.