BRC Opens Three New Offices - Strategic Expansion for Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese Investors
BRC Advisors Opens Three New Offices in Southern California: Strategic Expansion for Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese Investors

Los Angeles, March 12, 2012 – BRC Advisors (, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm with offices throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, announces the opening of three new offices in the Greater Los Angeles area. These offices will offer specialized services for, respectively, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese real estate investors and their extended network of financial consultants and business executives. These offices also provide convenient access to members of these specific communities, with locations in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley and Westminster.  

This strategic expansion coincides with millions of dollars in new opportunities, directed by overseas investors who want to enter the real estate market in Southern California. Overseeing these offices will be a team of distinguished directors from BRC Advisors, each of whom is a trusted emissary on behalf of these investors.

"Our new offices the result of continued demand from investors who want the counsel our firm provides and the insight our partners enjoy. For example: our credibility within the Asian-American community – including key points of interest for Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese residents in Los Angeles – distinguishes BRC Advisors as a firm with the resources and expertise necessary to facilitate major transactions on behalf of a variety of clients. This expansion is further proof of our success and influence across the Pacific Rim," says James Huang, Founder and Partner of BRC Advisors.

"BRC Advisors is a trusted name in general and a highly respected one for Korean investors in particular. That prestige extends to our newly opened office in Koreatown, where we can accommodate the needs and interests of this community. I look forward to working with our team and the many accomplished citizens who seek our assistance," says Eric Bae, Managing Director of the Koreatown office for BRC Advisors.

“Our presence in the San Gabriel Valley allows us to meet directly with a highly qualified number of Chinese investors.  These individuals value the high integrity, service, resource and wisdom we provide. In addition, quality EB-5 foreign investment projects are some of the many advantages that separate BRC Advisors from the competition,” says Eva Cheng, Managing Director of the San Gabriel Valley office for BRC Advisors.

A Conservative and Disciplined Approach: BRC Advisors in Action

BRC Advisors applies a conservative and disciplined approach to its management. "Our emphasis on value, quality and comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace is critical to our success. BRC Advisors symbolizes this approach and allows individuals to be a part of our acclaimed leadership. That philosophy underscores our achievements, earning us respect and admiration from our peers and journalists nationwide," says Rich Enderlin, Managing Partner and Director of the Multi-Family Investment Group of BRC Advisors.

About BRC Advisors

Headquartered in Los Angeles, BRC Advisors is a full service commercial real estate company, with additional offices throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.
The firm combines a wealth of brokerage and advisory experience within a strategically aligned network of programs. With its dedication to training and innovation, BRC Advisors is competitive in all market conditions and changing circumstances. For more information about BRC Advisors, please visit


Sean O'Shea: Leader, Author and Industry Expert

As the Managing Director of the BRC Advisors Net Lease Group, Sean O'Shea has over 36 years of experience in the real estate industry. His achievements include a variety of milestones, such as serving as an officer and shareholder of a regional commercial brokerage firm in major markets on the East Coast to acting as a Senior Asset Manager for a $2 billion private REIT. This exceptional leadership, based on Sean's wisdom and integrity, enables him to build superb relationships between clients and investors -- a union of trust and success that garners national recognition.

That same spirit of insight is part of Sean's blog, where he addresses a variety of topics with eloquence and clarity. Those skills - the ability to demystify complex markets and respond to rapidly changing events - are at the core of Sean's credibility. His writings are a must-read for real estate executives, clients and media. Bookmark his blog, because his advice is valuable and essential in an economy where solutions are, now more than ever, the highest priority.



BRC Advisors in Action: Spotlight on Beverly Hills
One of the many advantages BRC Advisors offers is a strong presence throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With offices in key parts of the city, augmented by the expertise of the partners and brokers who run these operations, BRC has the necessary depth to handle a variety of transactions. In Beverly Hills, which has some of the world's most coveted retail space, BRC repeatedly proves this point: that success depends on the knowledge - and trust - of professionals who can bring buyers and sellers together, or landlords and tenants into agreement, based on terms that are fair and attractive to all parties.

BRC achieves that goal because, in Beverly Hills and across the City of Los Angeles, the company takes a long-term view towards helping clients and building a sustainable brand. Translation: BRC approaches each transaction as part of a larger whole, in which the company has an opportunity to further its presence within the community and extend its leadership to those who value integrity, insight and the wisdom only this firm provides.

These advantages define the history of BRC Advisors. And that track record will only grow in the months and years ahead.


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