News BRC Advisors NNN Group Exceeds $178 Million of Investment Grade Net Leased Closings in the First Two Quarters of 2012
BRC Advisors NNN Group Exceeds $178 Million of Investment Grade Net Leased Closings in the First Two Quarters of 2012

BRC Advisors (, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm in Southern California, proudly announces that its NNN Group completed more than $178 million of investment grade net leased closings in the first two quarters of 2012.

One noteworthy transaction started as a disposition assignment on behalf on a Midwestern investor who was selling a 14-unit portfolio of net lease assets in various locales: all absolute NNN with full corporate guarantees. A bidding war ensued with two of the most capable Net Lease Funds in the country, competing head-to-head for the highly valued Investment Grade Portfolio.

The deal turned on one point that the seller required as negotiations unfolded. One highly credible buyer dropped out; and the only buyer in the country who could meet the seller's new unique deal point was identified, and a new deal was crafted to respond to the new deal terms. BRC sought them out and closed the deal.

BRC Advisors Net Lease Group served as consultant to the ultimate purchaser. In a separate and subsequent transaction, the original seller became a buyer acquiring another portfolio of investment grade assets from one of the purchasers in a multi-state/multi-unit transaction valued in excess of $100 million.

Both buyer and seller have, subsequently, engaged BRC NNN Group to provide marketing services for additional deals anticipated to close in the next sixty (60) days, aggregating for another series of multi-million transactions.

Sean O'Shea, Managing Director, BRC Net Lease Group, stated:

"We are a small boutique. What allows us to be effective on clients' behalf is our acute market knowledge and deal-closing intelligence, which starts with our proprietary NNN database of 64,000+ NNN properties. We can provide objective and accurate data to inform our clients' best decisions, whether buyers or sellers."

"Our Research Team of VP Taylor, Luis Estrada Curbelo and Thomas Hofvenschiold are considered by many, colleagues and competitors alike, to be the best in the NNN sector".

From James Huang, BRC Founding Principal:

"When I recruited Sean and his Net Lease Team, six (6) years ago, it was to complement our active BRC Multi-Family brokers, who were selling Apartments in Southern California for our traditional Client base, many of whom wanted to diversify into NNN assets with no management headaches after selling their apartment buildings, whether 6 units or 60 units at significant profits and defer capital gains liability."

"Having a credible Net Lease Group allowed us to provide a seamless series of transactions which disposed of their apartment buildings at record low market cap rates; and then, transition with Sean's data base to NNN properties anywhere in the country. Our Net Lease Group allows us to provide a more comprehensive quality of services in a timely and cost-effective (and highly competitive) manner."

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