Jasmin Kate McCallum

Jasmin Kate McCallum is an Investment Associate with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, BRC Advisors, located in downtown Los Angeles. Jasmin is a dual Canadian-United States citizen, previous to joining BRC in 2016, specialized in Residential Sales working with foreign and local investors in Arizona, California, and Vancouver, BC. Jasmin grew up with family that believes strongly in the value of Real Estate investments. Her family has been involved with property development to generate passive income after retirement for generations. Their holdings include condos, land, and commercial assets in Mexico, Arizona, and Western Canada. Jasmin's life-long exposure in real estate endeavors has helped her develop an understanding of, and passion for, Real Estate. Working alongside Managing Advisor Colleen Butcher, Jasmin’s primary focus is investment sales of Multifamily properties in the Los Angeles Trade Area.  Jasmin works on a team with extensive experience in Retail and Development properties throughout the Southwest.