Dimitri Scourkes


The Petroleum Marketing Division specializes in providing professional services to clients who purchase or sell gas stations, car washes, and mini marts. Dimitri Scourkes had over ten years experience with a major oil company in Retail Development. His client list includes Arco, Conoco Phillips/Union 76, Chevron, Shell, Mobile and independent branded companies such as Valero Oil. In addition Mr. Scourkes has handled a vast area of Retail and Business Opportunities that range from Shopping Centers to Restaurants and Hospitality.

At Arco Products Company he began in the Retail Marketing Division of Arco am/pm Franchise. He soon was on the fast track with the am/pm Franchisee Division. At that time many gas stations only had bays and garages which were in need of change. Then came the concept of am/pm for converting their gas stations to convenience stores open twenty-four hours with beer and wine licenses. Mr. Scourkes was responsible of branding and building the am/pm market brand. He oversaw many locations which included analyzing them from cash flow to increased sales for existing or incoming franchisees. Mr. Scourkes  helped secure long term franchise agreements for the company, with excellent real estate locations. From there he moved on to the Retail Marketing Division handling advertising/sales and promotions for all of the five western states.

After taking a “buy out” package in 1998 when British Petroleum merge with Arco Mr. Scourkes  started  his own  Commercial Brokerage  business selling Retail Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and Car Washes. With his vast experience in the business it was a perfect fit. He became successful working with other oil companies in selling their company operated stores to new franchisees. In addition to brokering many transactions outside of the company operated stores, Mr. Scourkes has owned and operated many locations over the years.

Mr. Scourkes received his Bachelors Degree in Investment Management/Finance with a minor in Marketing from the University of Southern California and he also attended two years at Pepperdine University towards his MBA. Prior to Arco Products Company Mr. Scourkes worked for Merrill Lynch.