David Jones

David  Jones

As  a  3rd  generation  Angelino  who  has  lived  in Mid-City  Los Angeles,  David  Jones,  Investment  Associate, combines  his  knowledge  of  Los  Angeles’  Historical  Neighborhoods  with  demographic  analysis  of these neighborhoods  where  a  multitude  of  diverse  cultures  co-exits  and  where  a  multitude of  multifamily  transactional  activity continues.  His affinity and  genuine interest  in these areas  continues  to invigorate  his efforts  to  provide  clients with  cogent  up-to-date  market  analysis so  that they  can be fully informed  before  making  their  transactional  decisions  concerning either buying  or selling  their multifamily properties.  He is particularly sensitized to the  low to moderate individuals  who may require  more time and professional  support  throughout  the  transactional process.  “The idea is to educate and not  intimidate”. A graduate of UCLA,  David holds a degrees  in  Business  Administration and Economic