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Our management team brings a wealth of experience with some of today’s top real estate and investment firms. We have had the benefit of living through a number of real estate cycles and have incorporated some profound lessons learned. We are a specialized investment boutique at BRC Advisors who are laser-focused on investment vehicles which can meet a number of client objectives. Among the many lessons learned with our combined 30+ years of brokerage and advisory experience, we know that we must distinguish our professional services in a highly competitive marketplace. Our ability to establish and sustain a market presence is based on sound research and market intelligence and on improving our daily work product for each and every client, each day, every day…

Guiding Principles

We are committed to cultivating a corporate culture centered on our four core values:


We foster an atmosphere of accountability and cooperation within BRC Advisors that inspires our agents to focus on the best use of each property and put the interests of the investor first.


We work in tandem with you and/or your team of financial advisors to develop the best platform on which to meet your overall real estate investment needs.


Clients appreciate our creative, custom solutions and superior market knowledge. We have, and continue to attract, talented professionals through our collaborative atmosphere, professional resources, and proprietary training program.

High Performance Standards

Personal commitment, ongoing training and education within each service line; and a strong tradition of team-based mentoring allow us to compete under challenging market conditions on behalf of client’s investment objectives every day of our professional lives.